Cinema Style

We keep things simple the day of the wedding. While you’re busy just taking it all in, we’re unobtrusively filming all of the moments and small details that make your wedding so special.

Our team of cinematographers shoots each moment with a creative eye, using HD 35mm optics to achieve a cinematic look. For that authentic, vintage feel, we can also incorporate Super8mm film. We take the same creative approach with the editing process, which we believe is the most important element of your wedding film. In order to craft a film that truly encapsulates your wedding day, we have a specific style in mind, and it is seen throughout our work.


Probably the most rewarding part of our job is the moment we give you the finished product. Whether you receive your film as a digital copy on a USB drive, or if you choose to have it on DVD or Blu-Ray, it’s important to us that everything is tailored to your wedding. That’s why we customize everything from your disc menus and labeling, to the design of your printed covers and USB drives.

In addition to the services you’ll find in our investment collections, we offer other à la carte services:

  • Rehearsal coverage

  • Super8mm coverage

  • Raw footage on hard drive



Your memories of your wedding day are priceless, but you’re going to have to trust someone with those priceless memories. So how much do you invest into someone else’s time and talent?

Our pricing not only reflects years of experience working in our craft, but also the immense amount of time and care we put into creating each individual wedding film. Our passion drives us to create the most visually beautiful and emotional works of art that best represent your wedding day. We make sure your film is uniquely personal to you: your wedding day, through our eyes.

Our 2020 collections begin at $5000. For full pricing, please contact us.